Saturday, 31 August 2013

British Shorthair - 10 Things You Should Not Do

1 - Do not let you cat run out of fresh clear water. Serve water preferably in a stainless steel or crockery bowl as plastic can cause acne and greasy chins.
2 - Do not make any sudden unnecessary changes to your kitten diet as it could cause problems such as digestive disorders.
3 - Do not give your cat or kitten milk - it will give them the runs.
4 - Do not punish a new kitten for an 'accident'. This only increases the youngster's anxiety and the likelihood of it happening again.
5 -  Do not put the kitten's litter tray near its food or in a busy area. Choose a permanent quiet area away from noise.
6 - Do not expose your cat to the following: Lilies, (exposure can cause fatal kidney damage), grapes and raisins (can cause kidney damage), onions, tomatoes and mushrooms (can also cause problems), raw fish (too much raw fish can cause health problems), liver (too much liver can overload the their system with vitamin A and cause bone problems).
7 - Do not leave plastic bags, foam, open dustbin, iron or any dangerous objects around.
8 - Do not give table scraps during your meal or the kitten will get used to begging and stealing from the table.
9 - Do not adopt a kitten under 2 months. They will be more fragile and difficult to educate.
10 - Do not use human shampoo when washing your kitten - it may be toxic for them.

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